• written translation
  • oral interpretation
  • editing & proofreading
  • copywriting & rewriting
  • notary certification

We guarantee:

  • Low prices
  • Punctuality
  • High quality

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Language Written translation Written translation + proofreading by a native speaker* Editing of customer’s text** Interpreting
$/page $/page $/page $/h
Ukrainian 5.00 - 2.00 -
English 6.00 10.00 3.00 13.00
German 7.00 12.00 3.50 14.00
French 7.00 12.00 3.50 13.00
Spanish 7.00 12.00 3.50 14.00
Italian 7.00 12.00 3.50 13.00

Notary certification of the translation of a single document – $10.00

* Proofreading by a native speaker is an additional service offered by our bureau, which the customer can use in case of translation of high artistic merit into foreign languages, when it is important to preserve the style, metaphor, and register. Only someone who is a native speaker of the target language can be sensitive to such linguistic subtleties. In these cases, translation of a text will be carried out by a professional translator and then it will be corrected by a native speaker of the appropriate language.

* * Editing of customer’s text. This service involves editing of an already translated text, provided by the customer. Please be aware that we do not deal with editing of texts that have been processed by means of machine translation (Google-translator, Prompt, etc.)

Text layout is carried out, unless otherwise agreed in advance, in MS Word. Orders for written translation can be accepted via electronic media as well as in paper form.

If a text contains a large quantity of formulas, tables, or other difficult elements of formatting, the rate may be increased by 10% or more.

In case of urgent translation (at the rate of less than 60 minutes per page), the rate is increased by 30%

Payment conditions: it is possible to pay for services at the office or via bank transfer. Details of payment methods will be indicated on the bill we give to the customer at the time of receiving the order. It is also possible to pay using WebMoney or a Moneybookers account .

Please be aware that we will accept an order and start work only after receiving 50% of the order price from the customer. The remaining 50% is to be paid upon receipt of the order (at the office) or within 2 working days (if using any other method of payment).

In case of a single order of more than 100 pages of written text translation or 15 hours of oral interpretation, the customer is entitled to a 10% discount.